Help! I'm a (Research Software) Manager!

Here is a video recording of my US-RSE talk from May 2021. It’s aimed at research software development, but the main theme - and the theme of Manager, Ph.D. - is that research gives us training in the advanced skills we need to be great managers. We just need to learn the basics of being a good manager, first.

In 10 minutes, I quickly cover:

  • One-on-ones

  • Feedback

  • Delegation

  • Acccepting that you’re now a manager.

You can also download the PDF of the slides.

Resources and next steps

My suggestion would be to start with one-on-ones. I have a quickstart guide to getting starting with one-on-ones. It lists out daily steps and resources to get one-on-ones up and running over the course of a month.

Other resources presesnted in the talk are below -


Specific feedback


Growing into your role