Manage With Expertise

You’re already an expert - you’ve worked in research collaborations, contributed to your field, and got your PhD.

Now you’re looking to grow the impact of your expertise and manage or lead a team.

But no one taught us how to do this stuff

Academia wasn't a great place to learn how to manage - certainly for the kind of work you do now. Research collaboration timescales are measured in years - but now people are expecting your team to deliver in days and weeks. You need other skills than what you picked up in grad school, and to further develop some of the skills you already have.

We have advanced management skills - just not the basics

The thing is, though, working in those research collaborations taught us the advanced management skills we need to be great managers. We just need to learn the basics, so we can become good managers, first.

Get the basics here

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Who am I?

I’m Jonathan Dursi - I got my PhD in computational physics in 2004, and since then have lead and managed local, distributed, and national teams in technology fields in and out of academia. Now I talk and work with managers and leaders from around the world, helping them apply the skills they already have, and develop skills they need to manage with expertise and less stress.

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No one in academic research taught us how to be effective managers and leaders in academia. We have an advantage, though - working in research collaborations has taught us the advanced management skills. We just need the basics.


I help researchers amplify their impact by becoming excellent managers.